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Relax Dryer.................


1. Application: Home textile after dyeing drying , pre-shrinkage process
2. Model: JTD Series
3. Machine width: 1800mm-3600mm
4. Machine speed: 3-80m/min
5. Heating source: Natural Gas, Steam, Thermal Oil
6. 3 passes conveyor belt relax dryer
7. Touch screen control the machine running speed
8. Option: Padder, Pin Frame, Touch Screen Control Bridge
1. Fabric entry unit with operator platform.
2. Top and bottom overfeeding rollers with separate speed and overfeeding control.
3. Each drying chamber with 2 meters length.
4. Each drying chamber is provided with its own circulating air turbine, which is especially designed for this type of dryer.
5. The air nozzles can be easily removed and cleaned.
6. Double layer filter, easily for cleaning during the machine running without stop the machine.
1. Q: How many products do your factory have?
A: Our factory produce stenter, relax dryer and continuous tumble dryers.
2. Q: How can I go to your factory?
A: Our factory is one hour far from Shanghai, we can provide pick up service in Wuxi Railway Station, also we can come to Shanghai for airport pick up and drop service.
3. Q:How can i trust your company?
A: With 20-years-professional design, we can provide you suitable suggestion and reasonable price Relax Dryer


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