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OEM Digital Inclinometer


Product Description
INC500 series 2 Axis Digital Inclinometer is a cost-effective alternative to some of the more high-end Inclinometers and Tilt Sensors, which are often excessive for many applications, forcing customers to pay a premium for features that they will never use.
The SkyMEMS Company is the leading manufacturer of precision angle measurement technology including patented and cost-effective inclinometers. INC500 series 2 Axis Digital Inclinometer include analog tilt sensor model and digital tilt sensors, which measure an angular position with reference to gravity and are used in a wide variety of applications from construction and agricultural equipment to mobile satellite positioning, high precision platform, etc.
Technical Specifications
Technical Specs
Parameter ValueComments
Range±5°, ±10°, ±15°, ±30°, ±60°, ±90°, ±180°, 0~360°Optional
Measurement axisX-Y or X
Accuracy±0.05°room temperature
Resolution0.001°room temperature
Output Data Frequency5~100Hz
Electrical and Environment Specs
Startup Time1.5s
Working Temperature-40~+85°C
Storage Temperature-50~+125°C
Protection LevelIP67
Physical Specs
Dimension93.8×55.5×26 mm
Weight250 grams
Cable Length1 meter
Typical Applications
INC500 series 2 Axis Digital Inclinometer is well suited for cost-effective required applications, it is typically used for heavy engineering machinery applications as well as pipe jacking monitoring, shield monitoring, aerial work platform, medical instruments, etc.
Technical Terms Explanation
Resolution is the smallest measurable change in output. Resolution is inversely proportional to the square root of the frequency response, and as such the resolution will be lower for faster frequency response settings.OEM Digital Inclinometer


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