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Edge Banding Printing Machine


YBW3600 Type Three-color Printing & UV glazing machine for edge band
(Designed for offline)
1. Design condition:
① This line is used to printing patterns and coating UV lacquer on the surface of wider PVC/ABS edge band.
② It can coat different UV varnish to get different effect like Matt, shine and high gloss, but high gloss effect is not good to slit, so better use it by whole sheets.
③ The effective printing width is 100~500mm, thickness of rolling material is: 0.3-1.2mm.
④ It adopts solvent printing ink and UV lacquer
⑤ Total 3-colors, one is background color, 2 is wood grain designs colors.
⑥ Speed V=2-15m/min.
2. The whole line consisting of:
- 1x double unwinding station
- 1x Haul-off station
- 1x background printing station
- 2x decoration printing station
- 2x 1.2m blow heating units for decoration printing
- 2x 3m blow heating units for decoration printing
- 1x UV lacquer coating station
- 1x UV curing station
- 2x haul-off stations (one set with water-cooling devices)
- 1x double rewinding station
- 5x pneumatic pumps
- 1x central PLC control system for complete line
Technical parameter of YBW3600
3. Basic assembly of each unit and performance:
Part one: Unwinding Station
► It is used to unwinding the edge band rolls into printing line, with double unwinding shaft for easy change edge band rolls;
► Unwinder adopts brake to unwinding rolls;
► the aperture diameter of unwinding shaft is 76mm(we can make per your requirement);
► the max outside diameter for unwinding roll is 600mm;
►the center height is 800mm;

(one shaft is 76mm, one shaft is 200mm, please confirm your EB roll diameter before order, thanks.)
►specification of unwinding station
Part Three: Background Printing Station
► it is used to printing base/background color on the bottom of PVC edge bands. Normally the extruded EB could not match the design wooden color very much, so it needs to printing base color on the EB, which can make top wooden grain design more vivid like true wood grains.
► we adopt double-roller station to printing base color, it can complete cover white color of EB into other colors like brown, black, red and etc. Just for EB, it’s better to make extruded EB with some colors which is near its printed designs, that will look more vivid. At that time, you can adopt one-roller station to printing base color, it’s more flexible.
►Specification of background color printing station
Part Five:Design Printing Station (2units)
► It is used to printing wooden grains patterns or other patterns on the surface of PVC edge bands.
► It needs to make design cylinders, and install design cylinder on the machine. When machine running, the patterns from design cylinder will connect to PU rubber roller, the PU rubber roller will connect to edge band, the patterns will be transfer printed on the EB by inks.
► The different patterns will be engraved on their own cylinders, it’s an investment. You may offer us the pattern samples, we can make it per your sample for you.

►Specification of design printing station
Part Six: UV coating unit (three-rollers)
► It is used to coating UV lacquer on the top of EB, which can get matt, shine and high gloss effect, and also it can protect design inks no fading and anti-scratch.
► Total three-roller station, if you want Matt or shine effect only, you can adopt first station to coating matt UV lacquer, if you want high gloss effect, you can adopt second and third station to coating high gloss UV lacquer.

►Specification of UV glazing station
Part Seven: IR heating & drying
► It is used to heating and melting UV lacquer by IR lamps, and also the solvent from UV lacquer can be volatilized after heating, so the bubble won’t be made on the EB.
► It adopts 6pcs of 500w IR lamps to drying base color inks.
► To protect electric controller won’t be splashed by inks, we install it on the IR dying station to control former station running.
►specification of 2.8m IR heating station
1Effective drying width500mm
2Effective drying thickness0.3-1.2mmFor EB
3heating speed1-25m/min
4heating power0.8kw*6=4.8kw-by 6pcs of IR lamps
5Blowing fan50wx2pcs=100w-blowing hot energy by blowing fan, so not easy to damage edge band
6Total power of this station4.9kw-heating by 6pcs of 500w IR lamps
7Transmission method
-By aluminum roller
8Lifting method
-by 2pcs of air cylinders
9Visual sizes3000x 1100 x 1000mm
10Machine weight350kgs
Part Eight: UV drying unit
►It is used to curing/drying UV lacquer because UV lacquer should be dried by rays from UV lamp, or it won’t drying naturally or IR lamps.
►It adopts 6pcs of UV lamps to drying UV lacquer, matching 6pcs of transformer+6pcs of capacitor to working together, it also have stronger and light rays, so you can adjust rays according to requirement.
►we adopts 4sets of 0.75kw Low Noise Centrifugal Blower to exhaust heating energy from oven out, so the EB is not easy to burn.
►specification of UV drying station
1Effective drying width500mm
2Effective drying thickness0.3-1.2mmFor EB
3Drying speed1-25m/min
4Drying power5kw*4=20kw-drying by4pcs of 5kw UV lamps
5Blower0.75kw*4=3kw-exhaust heat energy out of oven
-Low Noise Centrifugal Blower
6Transmission method/-By pulling power from Haul-off Station
7Oven open method
-by 2pcs of air cylinders
8Total power of this station23kw
9Visual sizes3000x 1400 x 1800mm
10Machine weight≈1020kgs
Part Nine: Haul-off Station
► It is used to pulling wide EB and keep it running with pulling tension, then it won’t easy to falling down and affect printing effect;
► It is driven by servo motor and controlled with one PLC system, so it can keep each station at the same speed.
► In the last station of Haul-off, it has water cooling steel roller, which can cool EB from UV curing machine, before rewinding it, or it is easy bent.

►Specifications of Haul-off Station
1Effective pulling width500mm
2Thickness of EB0.3-1.2mmSpecial for EB
3working speed1-25m/min
4Pulling power3kw/3kw-by 1pc of 3kw Servo motor for each Haul-off MC
5Pulling rollerɸ240*700-3pcs of steel roller, 1 drive roller, 2 driven rollers
-3pcs of them with heating in the inside
-top 1 drive roller, connect to servo motor directly
6Pressing rollerɸ240*700-NBR rubber
- driven by top drive steel roller
7Visual sizes of machine600/800x1600x1600mm
8Machine weight≈570/780kgs
Part Ten: rewinding unit
► It is used to rewinding edge band rolls after printing.
► It adopts torque motor to control winding speed.
► torque motor for winding machine is 40N.M.
► the operation table is 600mm wide.
►the center height is 800mm.

(one shaft is 76mm, one shaft is 200mm.)
►specification of rewinding station
1Effective winding width500mm
2Thickness of EB0.3-1.2mmSpecial for EB
3working speed1-25m/min
4rewinding shaftɸ76mmx800-By 2pcs of air expansion shaft
- aperture diameter for shaft is 76mm, if you have special requirement, we can make it per yours.
5Drive power40N.Mx2pcs-by 2pcs of 40N.M torque motors
6Anti-static remover1pc-installed before rewinding,after haul-off station
7Deviation rectify with photoelectric eye1set-to monitor EB running in correct direction
8Visual sizes of machine2400x1600x1600mm
9Machine weight≈1590kgs
Part eleven: electric panel
► Except unwinder and rewinder, for other parts are controlled in one complete electric con
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